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Class of 2024

Senior Announcements


DECORATING CAPS: You must adhere to the below when decorating your graduation cap. Failure to do so would result in nonparticipation in the graduation ceremony.

  • NO offensive language, sayings, nicknames, PICTURES, or song lyrics.
  • NO large objects such as signs, stuffed animals, bells, FLOWERS.
  • ALL decorations MUST LAY FLAT on the cap (Objects cannot stand upright, small objects that mostly lay down flat are ok).
  • NO bells, horns, or anything that makes noise.

The following are appropriate cap decorations:

  • A “Thank You” to a parent, grandparent, teacher, guardian, or mentor.
  • Recognition of the college/university you will be attending.
  • Career/Military you want to pursue.
  • Inspirational or motivational quotes.
  • OHS Spirt/Athletic/Activity.

PARKING: Parking is accommodated on a first come, first served basis; this includes handicapped parking. Additional parking will be allowed on Gonzalez Road and Victoria Avenue. If you purchased a VIP parking pass, you will be directed to the VIP Parking Section (please have your pass visible when entering the parking lot). To avoid congestion, you are encouraged to carpool and arrive early.

INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR OR CONTRABAND ITEMS: Should a student be in possession of any contraband, he/she will not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony. Should a student be distributive during the graduation ceremony, he/she will be immediately escorted from the graduation ceremony. In addition, he/she may be assigned fifteen (15) hours of community service which must be completed to receive his/her high school diploma.

Graduation is a significant time not just for the graduates, but for the families, school administration, and teachers. It is a time to celebrate while observing a formal and respectful manner.

  • Contraband items include but are not limited to:
  • ANY blow-up balloon, animal, pool float, ball etc.
  • Water toys 
  • Air horns or noise makers

Important Dates

May 19, 2024
Grad Night @ Disney California Adventure
  • Report to the small gym at 10:30 am 
May 22, 2024
Senior Awards Night @ PAC
  • Must complete senior survey by May 3rd
May 27, 2024
Teacher distributes Senior Check-Out Form
Students need teachers' signatures completed before checkout
May 29, 2024
  • Senior Finals 3 and 4(Regular Bell Schedule)
May 30, 2024
  • Senior Finals 1 and 2(Regular Bell Schedule)
  • Senior Checkout Periods 3 & 4
May 31, 2024
Cap and Gown Distribution @ small gym
  • Senior Checkout Periods 1 & 2
  • 12:00pm-3:00pm meet with counselors and turn in your completed check out form in the small gym
  • Senior Rally 6:00pm-7:00pm
    • Stadium
June 1, 2024 
Prom @ The Fillmore on Central
  • 6:30pm-10:30pm
June 3 & 4, 2024
Graduation Practice @ 8:30(Mandatory both days) Big Gym
  • Seniors get graduation tickets outside the big gym
    • Must attend both practices to receive tickets and participate in graduation
    • Students receive 6 tickets
June 5, 2024
Graduation, Report the the big gym at 12:30pm
Ceremony 2pm-4pm
June 7, 2024
Seniors can fill out the Google Form letting the district know they will be purchasing their Chromebook