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Welcome to the Colony Care Corner!

By working together schools and parents can promote children’s social and emotional learning (SEL).
SEL includes some key skills:  Self-awareness—recognizing feelings and managing anger.  Understanding others—developing empathy and taking the perspective of others.  Making responsible decisions and following through. This includes considering long-term consequences of your actions for yourself and others.  Understanding yourself—handling emotions, setting goals, and dealing with obstacles.  Building healthy relationships—saying no to negative peer pressure and working to resolve conflicts constructively.

When young people master these skills, they are more likely to succeed in school and life. They become happier and more confident. They are less prone to drug and alcohol use, depression, or violence. Social and emotional learning is like an insurance policy for a healthy, positive, successful life. 

Home Care Exercise:

Think about a person you are grateful for. What are the 2 values this person has that you admire?


Wellness Resources



teen friendly apps

Teen Friendly Apps

Free phone apps to support emotional wellness


counseling providers

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Feeling Stressed?

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Body Image

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