Athletic Clearances

Students must complete a profile on in order to be eligible to participate in Athletics.  Students must also upload a current physical from a physician.  Please be sure to submit for the current school year and sport(s).

Pacific View League

The PVL is made up of the following high schools: Oxnard, Pacifica, Channel Islands, Rio Mesa, Buena, and Ventura.

CIF Southern Section

A great resource is the  CIF SS where you can also access the CIF SS Blue Book for more information regarding rules, resources, transfers, seasons, etc.

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Code of Conduct

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“Being a student-athlete is an honor and a big responsibility.  If you want to pursure your athletic career in college, you have a very good chance of accomplishing that goal by being coached by the great coaches here at Oxnard.  Although being a student-athlete can be overwhelming at times, it is well worth it in the end because  you will be successful in your endeavors.”

Dominic "Dom" Brown (C/O 2019)

“Although we went to the same swim club, swimming at OHS has brought us closer than before.  Being a student-athlete has given us a strong work ethic and unbreakable friendships”

Jenna Huynh (C/O 2021) Shelby Jackson (C/O 2021) Kaylee Palmares (C/O 2020)

“Each and everyone one of us give our 100% on and off the field, or wherever we play…volleyball is a community..more like family.”

“As a freshman it is hard to balance grades and sports. But all the hard work student-athletes put in is worth it.  The memories and friendships that we make will last forever.”

Tess Holbert (C/O 2020) and Leena Runnerstrum (C/O 2021)

“Being a student athlete at OHS was such an amazing experience for me.  The best part was win or lose, I was PROUD to put on that uniform every Friday night.”

Joseph "JoJo" Gutierrez (C/O '18) NMHU Football Scholarship

June 2018

Honoring our Ventura County Hall of Fame Athletes. 

As the year comes to a close, we find the time to honor our athletes for being all-around star athletes and students.  As we strive on and off the court, in and out of the pool, or on any athletic field of competition to be champions, we here at OHS strive to guide our athletes to be scholars and pillars of the community.  

We have a rich history of Hall of Famers (click on the photo for a list), and this year Keanu Pagano and Aris Beltran joined a long list of proud Yellow Jackets.  

In Keanu’s words,

Being awarded athlete of the year truly does mean a lot to me. Growing up I was always put into sports that just never click or I didn’t enjoy, such as baseball and football; however as an incoming freshman I decided to pursue water polo as my sport of choice, with having little experience of the game, I started off as an individual who knew the basics but had no skill. Being seen as a person who stood among the rest didn’t sit with me well, I slowly began progressing through my own self-determination and always going the extra mile, from sprinting the junior varsity sets and barely making them to eventually swimming the varsity sets and beating most of the varsity players. You could easily just say that I had natural talent and that progression came easy because of it, but I beg to differ because I swam like a windmill and didn’t bend my arms what so ever, therefore technique didn’t serve as an aspect in my development. With water polo season concluding I decided to do swim because I wanted to increase my speed even further, and as unpredictable as it seems, I became one of two freshmen who made varsity swim that season. This was my beginning to becoming an athlete of the year; a story that nobody could have predicted, where someone with mainly no prior experienced could achieve something so unimaginably incredible.

As these athletes move on to college and life after high school, we look forward to seeing them continue to be successful as both athletes, students, and human beings.