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ELL Academy

The ELL Academies at OHS are designed to support English Language Learners who have not passed the English Language Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC). The ELPAC is a tool to help teachers support the learning experience of their students and is a legal requirement. One of the assessments that we use is the Summative ELPAC. The Summative ELPAC measures the progress towards English proficiency. The results provide information for educational placements and help determine if a student is ready to be reclassified. Reclassification is essential because we want to ensure that our students continue to receive the support they need to do well at OHS. 

At OHS, teachers, counselors, and administrators have been working to increase the resources available to address students' needs and improve their overall success. Currently, we have two ELL academies, one for Sophomores and one for Juniors. Students are provided with the following resources:

·  I/ELD-specific courses
·  Implementation of AVID Strategies 
·  Test-taking skills
·  ELPAC Bootcamps (outside of the school day)
·  Organizational skills
·  Academic monitoring 
·  Tutoring

Additionally, social and emotional supports have been created further to support ELL students in and out of the classroom. The Wellness Center provides ELL students with mental health and wellness services, such as counseling. Inside the Welcome Center, the Caring Closet offers access to educational resources and basic needs such as clothing, school supplies, snacks, and hygiene care items.