About Mathematics

Each student has the right to receive preparation in logical thinking and mathematical methods. This preparation should be sufficient to meet the needs of each student and provide the foundations necessary to function successfully as an adult. Students will be provided with the basic, fundamental concepts and skills that are needed in everyday living. As part of that, a strong background will be provided for those who will continue their advanced academic work. Instructors:
Name Phone Email Website/Social Media
Claycamp, Vance 805-278-1077
Duran, Dustin 805-385-5876
Hadjuko, Coral 805-278-2936
Hernandez, Evelia 805-278-1172
Howells, Olivia 805-278-1163
Kolar, Sarah 805-834-1498
Lopez, Agustin 805-278-1225
Lynn, David 805-834-1444
Krieger, Phillip 805-278-1195
Mostowa, Andrew 805-278-3191
Pineda, Yuri 805-278
Quilantang, Jan 805-278-1313
Sanchez, Aaron 805-278-1374
Schmitz, Nicole 805-394-4661
Taylor, Laura 805-385-5744
Thomas, Renee 805-278-1387