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A.V.I.D. stands for Advancement via Individual Determination –AVID’s Mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

Oxnard High School has been a National Demonstration School since 2007 -AVID National Demonstration Schools are centers of teaching and learning that also serve as models for those interested in learning about the AVID College Readiness System. They clearly demonstrate an ongoing pursuit of excellence, both in the AVID Elective and AVID School wide, to ensure college readiness for all AVID Elective students and improved academic performance for all students based on increased opportunities and support for success.

Our objectives are: 

  • to provide students with academic instruction and support in preparation for a four-year college or university.
  • to improve students’ study and organizational skills.
  • to motivate students to seek a college education and increase their level of career awareness AVID will -focus on WICOR (building the writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading skills of our students) -weekly classroom tutorials with trained college tutors -field trips to colleges and universities -awareness of and assistance with financial aid and scholarship applications -college testing preparation

Who may apply? -students who want to go to college -students who are willing to attend summer school, take zero period classes and/or take classes at the community college -students who may be from low income households and/or from groups who are under represented on university campuses and/ or be first generation college students -students who are willing to work hard to develop and/or maintain good work habits.


AVID Club exists to promote a college going, college ready and college bound culture on the OHS campus. There will be opportunities for community service through out the school year. Funds raised by the club will be used to help defer the costs of college testing fees, application fees and other misc. costs of attending a four year college and to offset the cost of club activities. The club also funds scholarships for our Annual AVID Write off (a timed write competition) and scholarships for our university bound seniors who have been in AVID a minimum of three years.

Mrs. Wendy Henchy, Director 
(805) 278-1168

"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try." -JFK



Miguel Campos
Nicole Collins
(805) 351-2546
Marsha Cordes
(805) 351-2795
Nathan Cuellar
(805) 419-3057


Erick Gracia
(805) 278-1136
Nicolas Montgomery
(805) 394-8443
Andrew Mostowa
(805) 278-3191
Jacqueline Perez
(805) 366-3048