Work Experience Education (WEE) Program FAQs

Work Experience Education (WEE) is an 2-4 semester elective course for juniors and seniors working part-time while completing their high school requirements. Students can earn up to 40 elective credits toward graduation.

Students participate in a blended-online course for 55 minutes each week, meeting during lunch and completing  Internet-based assignments in their own time. Qtr 1 assignments cover labor related topics such as laws, workplace conflict, and ethics. Qtr 2 topics include goal setting, time management, credit, and budgeting. 

The enrollment period commences during the first two weeks of Fall Semester. During this time, students complete the enrollment application with their employer and parents. The application can be picked up from E115, C&CC, or from  counseling. As part of the enrollment packet, each student will need a new green work permit application. 

Students enrolled in Work Experience benefit in several ways:

  • Students can work more hours than regular working students. Each week WEE students can work 35 hours, vs. 28, and 6 hour shifts on school days, vs. 4 hours.
  • Students ahead on credits are able take WEE during 5th and 6th period, leaving school at lunch to have time to prepare for work and complete homework. Students in need of credits are able to take the course during 7th and 8th period. 
  • The purpose of the WEE course curriculum is to assist students in maintaining their current job position, prepare for promotion, and to take the next step toward their career goals. The WEE course also includes relevant real-world topics to help students navigate the career planning process; preparing resumes, cover letters, and other workplace documents, as well as, preparing an application and preparing for the interview. There are few opportunities during high school to gain these skills and WEE students are at an advantage being exposed to the career planning process during high school.
  • The WEE classroom is the actual workplace for each student, with the weekly course assignments as a supplement to their learning.  Therefore, many students who have learned to balance their school work and worklife are able to earn 2 A’s for WEE grades, boosting their grade point average. 

The WEE class time is scheduled during the lunch hour, starting promptly, within 5 minutes of 4th period ending. WEE students need to plan accordingly and bring lunch and plan activities for other lunch periods. Students will be notified via a Google Classroom announcement of any schedule changes and are expected to check their school emails daily.

Work Experience Education is regulated by the CA Department of Education with specific requirements in place to keep working minors safe in the workplace. The number of classroom hours, in and outside of work time, along with time spent on class assignments needs to correlate with regular classroom hours. Employers and parents also need to be informed of course requirements, additional hours students are allowed to work, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance requirements, required for all businesses employing minors.

Each student, parent/guardian, and employer should spend time reading through each section of the Training Agreement to be clear on their expectations to be met.