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Mission & Vision

#BeImpactful #BuildResilience #BeLegendary

Cultivate Positivity: Foster a positive and inclusive school climate by recognizing and celebrating achievements, promoting positive
behavior through incentives and rewards, and providing opportunities for students to engage in acts of kindness, leadership roles,
extracurricular activities, and community service. PBIS, and all that it entails, becomes the norm in common areas and classrooms.
Students personify H.E.A.R.T.
Develop Leadership Capacity: Provide professional development opportunities and mentorship programs to empower teachers and staff to take on leadership roles and initiatives within the school.
Enhance Transparency: Foster open and transparent communication channels with parents, staff, and the wider community. Share
school goals, progress, and decision-making processes through regular newsletters, community forums, and online platforms. ALL
Meeting Agendas should be available 24 hours in advance and Meeting Notes should be shared with all participants.
Ensure Safety: Develop and implement comprehensive safety protocols to create a secure learning environment. Regularly review
emergency response plans, conduct safety drills, and foster a culture of vigilance.
Foster a Collaborative Culture: Encourage collaboration among teachers, staff, and students by implementing strategies such as
professional learning communities, team-teaching opportunities, and cross-grade/subject collaboration.
Foster Inquiry and Critical Thinking: Encourage a culture of inquiry and intellectual curiosity by incorporating project-based learning,problem-solving tasks, and opportunities for student-led investigations. Increase student reflection practices.
Prioritize Wellness & Foster Resilience: Implement wellness programs and initiatives to support the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of students, staff, and families. This may include providing counseling services, promoting healthy habits, and fostering a positive school climate. Teach resilience skills, and provide targeted support for students facing challenges or adversity.
Promote Equity: Create a school environment that values diversity, inclusivity, and cultural responsiveness. Implement equitable
practices, such as reviewing and addressing achievement gaps, providing equal access to resources, and supporting all students' 
social-emotional well-being. Embrace equitable grading practices in an effort to decrease D & F rates.
Promote Prosperity: Collaborate with community partners to offer career exploration opportunities, mentorship programs, and
resources that promote college and career readiness for students. Support students in accessing information about scholarships,
financial aid, and college applications. Improve A-G rates.
Set High Expectations: Establish clear and challenging academic and behavioral expectations for all students, ensuring that they aresupported with the necessary resources and interventions to meet those expectations. Improve student achievement through rigor,relevance, higher order critical thinking skills, equity, access, and ENGAGEMENT.


A-G Rates / Pathway Completion Rates / Graduation Rate / Dropout Rate / CAASPP / FAFSA Completion / 2 and 4-Year
Applications / Suspension & Expulsion Rates / Attendance Rates / D & F Rates / AP / College Acceptance

Vision Statement
Oxnard high school is committed to providing the highest standards of academic excellence in order to create successful and meaningful futures for all students.
Mission Statement
Oxnard high school believes that all students should be granted equitable access to rigorous and relevant curriculum and inspire them to be lifelong learners. Oxnard high school provides a safe, secure and an inclusive learning community to develop college and career readiness and life skills. Oxnard high school pursues excellence, embraces change with innovation and promotes partnerships with all stakeholders.


Oxnard high school graduates are complex thinkers, collaborative workers and productive members of society who demonstrate H.E.A.R.T