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About Us

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Oxnard High School has a strong 120-year history of excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts. We are proud of the myriad of significant achievements of our Oxnard Yellowjackets and look forward to continued success. Oxnard High School’s staff is committed to teaching and serving all of the OHS students by providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum while establishing strong relationships, all for the purpose of achieving college and career readiness. Further, Oxnard high school is committed to providing an outstanding education in a safe, caring, and personalized environment where students focus on academic achievement, have the necessary support to be successful, and have the opportunity to be involved in extracurricular sports and clubs. OHS is dedicated to providing the Oxnard high school students with an excellent opportunity to prepare themselves for a successful future. OHS provides an outstanding college preparatory program and Career and Technical Education (CTE) for students who desire to further their education and pursue careers after high school. Oxnard high school prepares students for the world of work by providing quality programs that give students skills and knowledge to be successful in their chosen profession. Oxnard high school also prepares its students to be members of a democratic society by ensuring that its students develop an understanding of the institutions within society, appreciate those common values, and develop a respect for different cultures. Ultimately, Oxnard high shool offers opportunity, support, and encouragement which has resulted in increased student achievement.