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Weekly Update, Friday, May 17, 2019

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Celebrate Literacy Award for the Ventura County Reading Association

This week, Mrs. Brickey was recognized by the OUHSD School Board for receiving the Celebrate Literacy” Award for the Ventura County Reading Association (VCRA). The VCRA honors people in Ventura County who are dedicated to promoting reading and literacy. Mrs. Brickey earned the award for her work with the OHS Poetry Slam (now in its third year running), the late-start Tuesday poetry workshops, her partnership with Mr. Fernando Salinas (Poet in the Classroom), and making poetry accessible to all OHS students. Congratulations, Mrs. Brickey!

Commercial Photography / Poetry Slam

Commercial Photography students put their backdrop making skills to use and created some art for the 3rd annual Poetry Slam. Ashely Hernandez, Maylee Murillo and Rafael Vargas created a brick urban mural and Abril Orozco created a work of art that depicts this year theme of “Through Me, You Will See”
We look forward to seeing the show on the 30th!!


Don’t forget to get your 2019 Yearbook. Yearbooks are still on sale, don’t forget to purchase one! Books will arrive on he 31st on May.

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Adriana Ipatzi