Weekly Update Friday, January 25, 2019

Art Department 

Art Department Wins big with the PTSA Reflections Art Contest. Congratulations!  The following students’ entries were selected to move up to the CA STATE PTA REFLECTIONS competition from OSD and OX Union HS schools. Oxnard students Emily Price and Claudia Oregal Lopez were both selected to represent our district. These two are the only ones in the district to proceed with the competition and they are Oxnard High School Students. They were honored at a reception at the Office of Education to receive their awards.

Environmental Science 

Ms.Kelly Churchman’s environmental classes, CP and AP have been studying biodiversity and the rapid rate of extinction happen on Earth…we are in the Era of Man, called the Anthropocene. After watching the film Racing Extinction, each student was challenged to create a Pledge at the New Year to find One Thing they will commit to doing to help our planet earth! We created a poster to commemorate our pledges in hopes of staying motivated with our resolutions through Valentine’s Day and beyond! We displayed it in the hallway for a couple days and now it is in our classroom. I am so proud of these kids!


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