Culinary Arts 

Culinary Arts students had the wonderful opportunity to visit Mr. David DeCandia’s Tea Master lab at the International Coffee Bean and Tea warehouse in Camarillo. Mr. DeCandia gave a tour of the facility and showed students how he has blended over 200 different types of teas for the company, after traveling the world seeking out the best organic tea growers.

Mr. Kennon Wolf of the Ojai Valley Inn visited the Culinary Arts class to deliver a talk about his career pathway leading him to create Five Star resorts. Mr. Wolf gave numerous examples of acceptable practices in the field of customer service giving the students many ideas to put to good use in their future careers. 

The Social Media Business students, who have been studying Human Resources, were fortunate to hear from Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Dr. Rocky Valles. Dr. Valles gave the students a plethora of nuggets of knowledge to apply to their education, career, and everyday relationships. 

World Cuisine 

This week World Cuisine students working on their individual finals, showing off their baking and cooking skills! The best part is sharing their final food product. 


Homework Center Hours

Where I’m From

Mr. Urias attended the Inclusivity Task Force at the District Office on Tuesday, January 15th.  At the meeting they needed to contribute two lines to “Where I’m from” poem.  Mr. Urias shared this with some staff members and wanted to share an insight of who he is and where is he from.

Where I’m From

I’m from east of east LA, Via Miramonte,

A foreign country where college doesn’t exist

I’m from mistrust and ignorance,

Where people in ties are thieves

But mostly,

I’m from a big rig driver and a seamstress

I’m from the menudo and tamales at Nana’s on Sundays

I’m from the cola and hot dogs at the snack shack after a game, where each parent took a turn treating the team

I’m from the colorful piñata, from the candy inside,

And from the little boys and girls fighting for their share

I’m from the top of the carport, the secret hideaway

I’m from Mario, Mike, Joey, Danny, Henry,

And yes, I’m from Anna too

From all six homes, all in a row

 I’m from a funny place

Where we play kickball, ditch, and kick the can

I’m from the Brady Bunch and the Partridge family

And I’m from Gilligan’s Island too

I’m from a strong Mexican father

With an unparalleled work ethic

I’m from an educated German mother

Who hid in the fields during WWII

I’m from my late blooming sister

To whom I have been unkind, at times

I’m from all the sports teams,

Yet I’m from the spelling bee too,

The trophy my father cherished most

I’m from a black and blue-collar neighborhood,

From conflict and hate

Where dad’s holler,

Yet I’m from healing too

I’m from the sun and I’ve been to the moon

I’m from the mountains, but I’ve been to the valley

I’m from the clear cold creek in the high sierras,

And I’m from the big tree you can drive through in the redwoods

But mostly,

I’m from the rays of light   you see that stream through the treetops at the right time of day

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