Weekly Update Friday, November 2nd, 2018

FNL Club 

“OHS FNL Club wants to ensure that SPED students feel included in activities with more students at Oxnard High. With this being said, we planned our first activity with them. We put the candy bags together and handed the candy bags out to every student. Both the creators and receivers of the candy bags had such a wonderful time. This is what our club is all about. Make a difference in our communities. We are so grateful for our experience and friendships.”




 A group of approximately 90 Cadets, Air Force and Navy, gathered at Oxnard High School on Saturday, 27 Oct, to partake in Training Day on campus. Training Day is team-building event, comprising of both physical and mental events. The obstacle course and the mud pit served as finals events. The day finished with a pot-luck lunch. It was a blast!


Culinary Arts 

On Friday, October 26th Culinary Arts students  entered a C-CAP competition for scholarships to culinary schools and colleges. Training was held at Oxnard College with training by chefs from Le Cordon Bleu.

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