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Oxnard Student team Metal Jackets win Rookie All-Star Award as they Compete in FIRST Robotics Ventura Regional Competition

The Rookie All-Star Award went to the Metal Jackets, a brand-new team from Oxnard High School. This win takes the Oxnard team to Houston, as well. Their robot, named Sparky, will compete with other world champion robots.

“We’re super excited, it is our first year so we really didn’t have much context going into the competition,” said Oxnard High School Principal Richard Urias. ” … It turned out our kids and coach did a pretty darn good job.”

Urias said the interest in robotics and mechanics has grown so much this year that they plan to implement a new career pathway for students with those interests. Their team consisted of about 20 active participants in an after-school club, but by next winter, their adviser hopes to have an after-school class for credit for those participating.

“The kids loved it. They had a great time, they learned a lot,” said Nick Peterson, the team’s teacher adviser. “Some of the kids made statements that they learned more in these six weeks than they learned in all of high school because it’s just so applied.”

Peterson said to prepare for the competition in Houston the team is working on coding and making some modifications to the robot to help it do better and “be even more competitive.”