The Hive Became the Village!  The OUHSD hosted its first ever Gathering at the Village with keynote speaker Fluke Fluker Wednesday in the OHS Performing Art Center.  Mr. Fluker is a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District who founded Village Nation, which has helped African American students accomplish great goals by improving their test scores and GPA in order to prepare them for life-long success!    Approximately 200 African American students from of our district schools traveled to OHS on the respective school buses, took their seats, and were entertained by the OHS Jazz Ensemble with classic Jazz music.  Mr. Legohn spoke of the various composers of the music and their important contributions to the world.  Mr. Fluker then took center stage while the students sat attentively, listened to his positive message, participated in answering questions, and watched videos.  One of the objectives of Mr. Fluker’s presentation was to have the students reflect on their purpose in life and to understand that they need to put forth a positive effort when testing because low test scores would categorize them as a low achiever.  He had each and every student sign a commitment form to take the proper strides in making themselves better citizens.  The event included messages from Superintendent of Schools Dr. DeLeon, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Tom McCoy, and OHS Teacher Mr. Fundi Legohn.  OHS thanks Superintendent DeLeon for making this event possible, the bus drivers for transporting the students, the teacher chaperones and other BSU sponsors, Mr. Willie Dillon (PHS) for getting Mr. Fluker here, and a great big thank you to Dr. Kimberly Tresvant for her vision in coordinating this incredible event, as well as her representation with serving on the State Black Student Union board.  Job well done to all involved!
GTech Juniors had a busy week which began with their STEM Science Fair Project presentations in the OHS Madeline Miedema Library.   Our GTech juniors were most proud to share their work with other students visiting the library.  Later in the week, the GTech juniors visited Loyola Marymount University where they attended an admissions presentation followed by a tour of their beautiful campus.  It was a great opportunity to learn about both the academic and social life at LMU.

GTech and MBA Students practiced their presentation and collaborative skills.  Students from each academy worked with Celebrate Life to prepare presentations regarding their academy experiences in Celebrate Life’s Adventures for Learning Series of Activities.  These outdoor activities teach students how to work together as a team to gather and present information, to collaborate within their academy and with outside agencies and businesses, and to build an appreciation and understanding of the environment in which they live.  Students presented to an audience of teachers and administrators that attended the Linked Learning conference in Anaheim.  They also facilitated a table discussion on how participants could take what they learned and use with their own programs.  Several OUHSD representatives attended the presentation, including Dr. Penelope DeLeon, Dr. Tom McCoy, Ms. Clara Galvez, Ms. Teresa Telles, and Ms. Rebecca ChandlerMs. Mary Anne Rooney, Ventura County Civic Alliance, and Ms. Nancy Lindholm, President and CEO of the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce were also present.  Congratulations to our participating students on a fantastic job!  The PowerPoint was created by Britney Walton and Ivan Ruiz; Video Crew:  Jessica Miranda, Tiffany Ramirez, and Daniel Silva.  Presenters included:  Sebastian Krautkraemer, Diana Salgado, Gabriel Olvera, Rachel Rivera, Britney Walton, and Daniel Salas

The Social Science Department participated in a morning long Professional Development, along with Principal Urias, Thursday.  The focus was to review Common Core Literacy Standards and resources.  Essential Question:  What instructional shifts need to occur as a result of moving from CST to SBAC testing?  Goals:  All teachers will see themselves as teachers of reading and writing; all teachers will understand the importance of Inquiry and Research in SBAC testing; ask the Social Science department for their help in improving SBAC scores; review the ten common core state standards for Reading and Writing (referred to as the Literacy standards), select one from each list to incorporate into existing units this year; and to provide Social Science teachers time to collaborate together.  Joshua Chancer, District Social Science Learning Design Coach, demonstrated a resource available to teachers to assist them with the literacy standards selected.

Counselors Visited Juan Soria to Register Incoming Freshmen!


Did You Know That AVID Seniors Have Been Accepted to Over 110 Colleges?  Come See the AVID Wall Of Acceptance Letters Posted Upstairs in Building C.







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