OHS Athletics Mission Statement

Oxnard High School’s Athletics Program serves as an integral part of the school’s academic mission to educate the whole person. Each coach is considered an educator who aids in the physical, social, intellectual and emotional growth of each and every student who chooses to participate. Our program strives to teach students to persevere, to work well with others and to challenge themselves, and to incorporate these lessons in a broad variety of applications.

Athletics Policies

Oxnard High School Student-Athletes must be academically eligible with a GPA of at least 2.0 and be enrolled and passing 20 semester credits. They must be well behaved and respectful at all times, and must realize that athletic participation is a privilege, not a right. Whether in the classroom or in competition, all Student Athletes must maintain a positive, respectful attitude toward all they come in contact with. Student-Athletes are expected to be positive role models while representing the Yellow Jackets. In addition, all Yellow Jacket Student Athletes are expected to be drug and alcohol free.

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Congratulations to High School Heisman Winner Naomi Summers!


Please visit Athletic and upload this completed Physician’s Certification form, and then complete all necessary information.


View the 2015-2016 All PVL Photo Shoot! Tell your friends!

Congratulations to Oxnard High School’s 2016-2017 All PVL Selections!

Spring Athletics

All OHS athletic clearances must be submitted for processing  online at the Athletic Clearance Website:

No athlete can practice or try-out for Athletics without a completed approved Athletic Clearance, including a Physical and Proof of Insurance. 

For more info contact the Athletics Department at 805-278-2914

       Spring Sports

  • Boys Baseball
  • Boys Golf
  • Girls Softball
  • Boys & Girls Swimming
  • Boys Tennis
  • Boys & Girls Track & Field
  • Boys Volleyball


To try-out or play any sport at Oxnard High School, you must have a physical! The physical procedure has changed, so please make your appointments to be ready for the 2017-2018 School Year!


Interested Athletes should ask their PE Coaches about tryouts for upcoming sport seasons. Please listen to the daily bulletin for more information.

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Contact Us


Thirza Cousins, Athletic Secretary Telephone: 805-278-2933 Email:

Athlete of the Week

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deSaun Staples FB Janell Vera Golf
Danny Smith FB Celine Sui Tennis
Keanu Pagano WP Phoenix Judd XC
Vince Walea FB Talia Sajor Golf
Ryan Caldera FB Dani Sanchez VB
Gio Rodriguez FB
Xavier Harris FB