College & Career Center (CCC)

 Oxnard High School

The College & Career Center (CCC) provides college, career, trade, apprenticeship and military services information to students, allowing them to explore their post-secondary options as early as their freshman year.  Computers are available in the CCC to assist students in  researching and developing a plan for their future after high school.

The CCC is aligned with the counseling office to assure that students have access to information they need to be successful.  Students can register for the ACT and SAT exams and learn how to access free study tools to be prepared for both.  They can attend workshops that will prepare them for their college applications and their portion of the financial aid application.  They can also obtain work permits, participate in job skills workshops, and receive available employment opportunities.

Overall the CCC promotes student success and provides services for all students here at Oxnard High School!

Constina M Baylor
College & Career Technician